Explore ancient temples along the Nile River in Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, and Abu Simbel to see majestic architecture once lost to the sands of time.
Sail along the Nile River aboard a luxury cruise ship in southern Egypt to experience an itinerary full of ancient sites and picturesque landscapes!
A trip to Egypt isn't complete without a visit to Luxor; one of the best open-air museums in the world! Soar high above the Nile River in a hot air balloon, descend into painted rock cut tombs, and explore grand temples.
Looking for a five-star all-inclusive beach resort on the Red Sea? Sharm El Sheikh is an unforgettable vacation destination with its diverse coral reefs and unique desert landscapes.
Ready to visit one of the most adventurous places on Earth?! Egypt is a feast for the senses with its ancient wonders, hearty cuisine, and chaotic streets.
Wait...traveling?! During a pandemic?! ARE YOU NUTS?! Social distancing isn't a problem when you are the only one walking through ancient Egyptian temples.


Europe - Logistics

Planning a trip to Europe with an organized timeline and budget doesn't have to be overwhelming. Use these simple steps to help you navigate travel logistics.
Packing the ideal wardrobe for your trip to Europe doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. Get it right with these 10 simple tips.
Krakow is an Eastern European city full of WWII history, unique cuisine, and relaxed charm. Check out my three-day itinerary for worthwhile things to experience during your visit.
Journey to the colorful city of Budapest to experience relaxing thermal hot-springs, paprika infused cuisine, and eclectic ruin bars with a Bohemian twist.
In search of an Eastern European city off the beaten path? Bratislava is a delightful travel destination ideal for a two-day visit.
In search of regal palaces, art museums, and historic cafes? Vienna is a posh city offering European culture with a modern twist.
The postcard town of Hallstatt is known for its salt mines, breathtaking mountains, and tranquil lake. Check out my tips for a pleasant travel experience.
Looking for adventurous activities in Salzburg? The third city of our backpacking trip through Eastern Europe was full of stunning landscapes, hikes, and bike rides.
The Bavarian city of Nuremberg is a worthwhile destination for its sausages, medieval half-timbered architecture, and Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer.
Looking for amazing things to do in Prague? Here are my top 10 picks after visiting the city during a three-week backpacking trip across Eastern Europe.

United States

Looking for a unique Milwaukee experience that stands up to the ever-popular Third Ward and Downtown neighborhoods? Check out Walker's Point for brick architecture, craft breweries, and antique shops.
Visiting Galveston for a beach day or family vacation? I've got you covered on where to eat and drink with my favorite spots on the island.
Welcome to the concrete jungle! The fourth largest city in the United States has a variety of attractions including an impressive museum district, year-round sporting events, and spacious parks.
Chicago's annual three-day Riot Fest brings together artists and bands from alternative, punk, rock, and hip hop genres to create a music festival unlike any other.
Ready for some outdoor adventures that will take your breath away and invigorate your spirit? Consider an unforgettable trip exploring the natural attractions of Idaho.
Idaho boasts some of the most pristine geothermal hot springs in the country with varying temperatures perfect for a soothing soak.
If sunshine, charcuterie boards, and delightful libations sound like a great combination, head to the Snake River Valley for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting.
The downtown vibe of Boise has a small city feel, but packs a punch with its unique boutiques, vibrant restaurants, and accessible green spaces.
Visiting the land of longhorns and BBQ for the weekend? I've got you covered with a two-day itinerary full of my top Austin attractions and restaurants.
New Orleans is a worthy destination for your travel bucket list. The music, architecture, cuisine, and unique history blend together for an amazing weekend trip!
Seattle is a walkable coastal destination with a variety of fun activities and tasty food. Check out my four day itinerary to help you plan a trip to the Emerald City.