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Privacy Policy

Effective September 8, 2023

The Spunky Curl website values the privacy of its readers. The following policy outlines how personal data is used and collected via cookies, newsletter sign-ups, emails, and comments.

Please contact Sarah Schlintz at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or personal data requests. Readers can unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list or delete comments on The Spunky Curl website at any time.


A cookie is a text file loaded with data used to identify a computer. Cookies allow web browsers to track, personalize, and save information about website sessions. Persistent cookies are stored by a web browser and remain valid until an expiry date if not deleted beforehand. Session cookies expire at the end of a session once the web browser is closed.

The Spunky Curl website uses both types of cookies to monitor usage, track analytics, improve functionality, and ensure readers have a personalized experience. Cookies may also be used by third-party services, including Google Analytics, Pinterest, and Google Adsense.

After launching The Spunky Curl website, readers may either accept cookies via the banner or leave if they disagree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Cookie preferences can also be changed in any internet browser, but deactivation could impact usability. Cookies do not contain information that personally identifies a reader.


The Spunky Curl website uses Google AdSense to manage all third-party advertising. Advertisements which appear on The Spunky Curl website may use and place cookies on a reader's computer. The Spunky Curl website assumes no responsibility for and has no control over the content, practices, or privacy policies of any third-party websites.

Visit Google's privacy policy to learn more about how to opt-in or opt-out of this data collection.

Information Use and Collection

Certain reader and device information is automatically collected via Google Analytics during a browsing session on The Spunky Curl website. Google Analytics logs the IP address, operating system, browser, referring website, page duration, clicked links, location (city/county), and dates/times accessed. The information is anonymized and aggregated to help The Spunky Curl website understand its traffic statistics.

The Spunky Curl website features red Pinterest widgets on the upper left corners of images and Pins within posts. By using this feature, The Spunky Curl website gives Pinterest access to certain reader information. Visit Pinterest's privacy policy to understand its data collection practices.

For email communication, The Spunky Curl website uses Mailchimp to send newsletters to subscribers. Emails are stored in a subscriber catalog without names. Simply unsubscribe or contact Sarah Schlintz directly to have your email removed from the mailing list. Visit Mailchimp's privacy policy for more information.

The Spunky Curl website facilitates post comments via Auth0 (privacy policy) to authenticate readers with a one-time passcode. Personal information, such as username and email, is stored alongside comments in Contentful (privacy policy). Public comments can be deleted at any time. A reader can choose to upload a public profile picture, which is hosted by Cloudflare (privacy policy), next to his/her comments.

Vercel hosts The Spunky Curl website and tracks usage information. Reference the privacy policy to learn more.

The Spunky Curl may use reader data to ensure content is efficiently delivered, provide customer service (respond to comments, complaints, or questions), and measure statistics. Please do not share any sensitive information on The Spunky Curl website or email threads. Provided reader information will not be shared, sold, or distributed without explicit consent.

Any reader may contact Sarah Schlintz at [email protected] to request access to his/her personal data, including an amendment or complete removal. The Spunky Curl website reserves the right to ask for proof of identity before action is taken.

Privacy of Children

The Spunky Curl website does not knowingly collect personal identifiable data from anyone under the age of 18. Parents or guardians are urged to immediately contact Sarah Schlintz at [email protected] if they believe their child has provided information without parental consent. Information will promptly be removed from The Spunky Curl website records.

Updates and Changes

The Spunky Curl website has the right to amend its Privacy Policy at any time. Hosting platforms and third-party services are subject to change. Please check this page frequently to stay up to date with current information on how reader data is collected and stored.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

By using The Spunky Curl website, the reader understands and acknowledges the Privacy Policy. The reader is advised not to use The Spunky Curl website if he/she disagrees with the aforementioned statement.

Please read the Terms of Use for more information regarding copyright policies, blog intentions, and moderation actions.