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Summer Style: Six Outfits

Normally summer would be an exciting and busy time, but COVID-19 has put a BIG wrench in 2020. I miss hitting the bars and cruising down waterslides at the Schlitterbahn, but have explored more state parks and dinner recipes to keep my spirits high. Fortunately, my best friend Jessica is getting married in October and as the matron of honor my calendar is looking up!

Besides workout clothes and sweatpants, my go-to outfit has been a swimsuit. The pool has become a great oasis to make new friends and perfect my tan. However, our trip to Wisconsin in a few weeks means I need to pack some decent clothes. I can't wait to dress up for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and family picnics!

I've styled some looks below which I plan to wear on my trip. I love to play with fun patterns and textures; lately I'm a sucker for animal prints. Hopefully my carry-on can handle all of the shoes I intend to bring! HA!