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Fall Looks: My Top 5

The pumpkin spice latte count is at a solid four, which I am relieved to report! With the second week of fall in full swing I'm pretty excited to feel the cool weather.

After our recent move to Galveston, I put together a few looks with my new purchases from a session of retail therapy. Some include my classic go-to pieces that keep me feeling polished and comfortable.

This season I'm into chic blazers and feminine dresses, but I will always adore a thick plush sweater. Is there anything more cozy? Adding a minimal pair of earrings and statement bag will keep the outfits effortless.

I am really looking forward to my friend Jessica's wedding in October and will try out a few of these outfits in Wisconsin. I hope to marvel at the changing leaves and bite into a caramel apple to really get into the spirit. Now all I need is someone to genetically engineer palm trees to change colors!