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DIY: Let's Revamp Gift Baskets

Trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, coworker, or significant other? Why not do it yourself and create a colorful gift that will leave a lasting impression.

Move over stale cracker and mediocre candy baskets sealed with cellophane!

Making one-of-a-kind presents is a fun alternative to ordering something online or mailing a gift card. Gift baskets can be customized for any occasion including anniversaries, holidays, or baby showers.

Big or small, decide on your budget and work from there. I found all of the inexpensive containers and natural excelsior moss at Hobby Lobby. I always start by picking out my basket to ensure my items will fit. Add a decorative touch with floral or greenery accents.

Housewarming - Welcome to the Neighborhood

Two of my friends recently bought a new home near Austin. To wish them well in their new digs, I put together a basket with items to help them celebrate.

I grabbed a bag of local coffee to kickstart their mornings, a small bottle of champagne to toast their accomplishment, an aromatic candle to brighten the air, and bath tea bags to help ease the stress of unpacking. I also added a small galvanized metal milk can to fit with their farmhouse decor.

Father's Day - Birthday

Have a sportsman in your inner circle who deserves a care package on his next outdoor adventure? My Dad loves to go ice fishing and I thought some supplies would make a practical gift for the upcoming season up north.

Normally I always include a Bass Pro gift card with his presents, but I wanted to add some fun items. A big mug, pair of hand warmers, and panfish jigs brought some color to this basket. I also included a bobber to replace the one I lost out on the boat last summer, ha!

Thank You - Mother's Day

Brad's cousin recently watched Dexter when we traveled to Wisconsin for a wedding. To show our gratitude, I curated a basket filled with self-care items for her.

At Target I picked up two single-use packets including a purifying facial mud mask and rose hair mask. I also grabbed a bottle of cucumber hand cream, candle, and bar of decadent chocolate. Everyone enjoys a little pampering!

Christmas - White Elephant

The holidays are all about giving and I wanted to show our apartment maintenance man how much we appreciate all of his hard work. He recently replaced in record time our balcony storage door that was damaged during a tropical storm.

I kept the basket simple with a food and beverage theme. I never met a guy who didn't like popcorn or chocolate! I found an adorable little espresso mug at Hobby Lobby to use as a gift tag holder.

Valentine's Day - Sweetest Day

For the ladies out there who love a spa day this gift basket is for you! Treat your best friend, mom, or girlfriend to a fun surprise and show them the love.

I found a pink cardboard box in the shape of a heart to use as a gift certificate holder. My picks would include a mani/pedi, massage, or facial treatment. I added a relaxing candle and set of inspirational sticky notes to reinforce the hallmark holiday vibes.

Gift baskets are a fun way to bring back a bit of personality in gift giving. Plus, the vessels can be reused either in another present, storage, or home decor. Picking items that you would like yourself is a good place to start if you get stuck. Themes can be helpful, but don't forget to let your creativity shine. The best part is that you took the time to make something unique!